Visted by an angel, Theodoros is instructed to make the Gears of Uriel, which is passed from one generation to the next for more than five hundred years. This chosen family are the guardians who
protect it from the evil darkness enveloping our world, casting Theodoros' life into mayhem.

Following each of his descendants and the danger often accompanying the Gears of Uriel, this is a spiritual quest, one which dares to illustrate the nature of religion and how it has often cloaked the truth from mankind with risk of death to the keepers of truth, those heretics who speak up against an organization claiming to be God's mouthpiece and ultimate authority.

The Spiritual conflict spans centuries, illustrating the nature of religious worship, from ancient times to the modern, exposing no matter how much things change, they remain the same.

Set in ancient Greece on the island of Antikythera, Gears of Uriel is vivid, real and surreal, and a smorgasbord of antiquated ritual. Metaphysical historical fantasy has found a true home in this novel. Angels walk with men, the realm of gods has no boundary, and religious family feuds are the most misguided toxin of all. This is a profound tale which delivers a journey worthy of the saints.
Gears of Uriel was originally published August 15, 2014 by Thorstruck Press

It was republished by Wild Wolf Publishing, March 11, 2015
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There is a device, which I learned about a few years ago, constructed of brass gears, called the Antikythera Mechanism.
It was discovered in the midst of a shipwreck, in 1901, off the coast of Antikythera, Greece. For many years no one had any idea of what it was or did. However, not too many years ago, scientists determined this apparatus was constructed around 150 BC and, when functional, accurately predicted the motions of Earth, the Moon and known planets as they orbited the sun. After carefully studying it, scientists built an exact replica and found it is accurate even now, able to predict the location of planets and future eclipses.
The original is on display in the Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece.

The Antikythera Mechanism is an anachronism, as unusual as finding a laptop computer among the ruins of an early American ghost town.
No one knows its story, but to me it was an ideal metaphor for telling this tale of inspiration; of truth in an age of ever increasing ignorance.
It was the perfect vehicle for telling my story.
"Enough," Polycarp waved his hand. "I would agree with Irenaeus. It is time to get to the crux of this argument. Marcion of Sinope, the heresy you embraced three years ago; do you still hold to these beliefs?"
Marcion took a deep breath, knowing the outcome. But he would not waver from what he knew was truth.
"I still hold fast to those beliefs I proclaimed to you three years ago."
Irenaeus's cheeks flushed. "We have given you those three years to consider your error. You have..."
"And I have given you three years to consider yours..." though not becoming angry, Marcion still felt it necessary to answer the insult.
Irenaeus ignored the interruption. "You have been cut off from the blessings of the Holy Church for that entire time. You should be here presenting yourself with the deepest humility; even kneeling to beg the church's forgiveness so you might be readmitted--"
"--and yet I am not." Marcion's voice was calm.

His face now crimson, Irenaeus seemed too angry to continue speaking. Seeing his colleague so flustered, and Marcion's demeanor so calm, infuriated Polycarp.
"You seem to take these things so very lightly, Marcion. Do you have any idea who we are?"
Marcion's eyes narrowed at the pompous piety. "Yes, I do know who you are. You are the first born of Satan."
Irenaeus was fuming, barely under control. "You have not repented of your errors and your impudence leaves you outside the saving blood of Jesus Christ. Your excommunication stands and will not be lifted."
And yet Marcion simply smiled, feeling the same sensation of pure light and love he had the day before when meeting the angel. It was time for his final answer.
"By his word, your god destroyed thousands of disobedient Israelites, striking terror into the hearts of those who survived; that they would know his word was law.
By his patience and unconditional love, my God impelled me with the desire to do anything he asked; that I might show how very much I love him. Now tell me, Fathers of the Church, whose God is more powerful?" Looking back and forth at the speechless half dozen before him, Marcion finally nodded his head. "Good day, gentlemen." Turning, he began to walk away.

"Marcion... Marcion, come back here," Polycarp shouted. "We have not dismissed you."
At that, Marcion turned to the group, continuing to walk backwards away from them. "No need to do so, pious Polycarp. I have dismissed you."
Gears of Uriel, Chapter 19: Retrial
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