Constant vigilance is required to keep ahead of terrorist threats. But now, intelligence has detected a possible plot that makes all others look insignificant in comparison. An elite team has been assembled to find some way to keep this threat from coming to pass.

How could an plot this evil and this simple threaten the lives of thirty million people? Will the Atlantis Protocol wil be able to stop it?
He walked over, opened the car door, reached under the seat and pulled out a manila folder. Unclasping the flap Richard removed a thin binder. Walking back, he extended it to his friend.
"What's this?" Carl asked, smiling.

"Only...four other people have seen this. There was some related chatter on the internet a few weeks ago and as a result, I've compiled this. I need your expertise as a geologist and seismologist here. For the standpoint of a terrorist plot, I need to know - is this scenario plausible?"
"Well, that gets my interest." Carl flipped the binder open and began reading. At the bottom, he turned the page and read more quickly, his face showing concern. By the bottom of the second page he was pacing and finally stopped, overcome with emotion. Then, a couple more steps, changing direction, as if he didn't know which way to go. Finally he stopped and glared at his friend.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" he shouted, hurling the folder. The pages splayed and it fell onto the ground.
"It's a credible threat, then?" Richard asked softly.
Carl paced a few more steps and then plopped down on a large rock, looking at the ground, fingers interlocking behind his head.
"I think I'm going to be sick...Damn right, it's a credible threat." He stood again, nervous anger making him pace again. "Jesus! Someone is actually contemplating setting this in motion?"
"What do you estimate the casualties would be?" Richard asked, deflecting the question.
Dazed, but chuckling in disbelief and shaking his head, Carl gestured broadly with his hands. "I don't know...20 to 30 million dead, about the same number injured. Damage, trillions of dollars, catastrophic devastation to the global economy...it could take the United States at least fifty years to recover from this. Other countries might not ever come back."
His friend nodded. "That's about what we thought."
"Richard, tell me you guys can stop this. The report mentions the Atlantis Protocol. Is that the plan for preventing this?"
"It's the name of the plan, yes."
"But what about the actual plan?"
"Carl, there is no detailed plan yet, just some rough ideas. That's why I had you read this. I need your help."
Chapter 1 - The Plot