"They're coming for you."
"Those who love the darkness."
"Because they hate those who love the light."

He discovered the most amazing property of light, and now he's the most hunted man on earth.

So now he runs...at a thousand times the speed of light.
Jason stood on an expansive white plain, extending in all directions. Above was a blank blue sky, devoid of features except for the seam where it met the white plain. Suspended about three feet above the ground, right in front of him, was perhaps the strangest object he'd ever seen. Between two and three feet in diameter, it was a blue and violet, irregular spheroid, translucent with an interior lattice grid, roiling and pulsing with energy, changing shape every few seconds. Looking up from the...thing, he saw it was simply one of many, each part of a horizontal grid, each one perhaps eight feet apart from the next, the array extending as far as the eye could see, in all directions.

Curiosity was drawing him toward the closest quivering shape, but he wasn't sure if he should touch it. There was someone else there with him here...in the dream. A dream, yes, this was a dream. Often there seemed to be someone with him in his dreams. And they always seemed familiar, someone he knew. It was probably his wife, Karen. But if not her, then his brother, perhaps? Or his father? Why had he never bothered to figure out who accompanied him?
But now, this object in front of him, Jason wanted to hold it, understand it, and it was such a new experience it felt as if he should ask someone first. And so, he willed himself to turn to the left to see who was there. It was a woman, young and beautiful, ethereal. He was pleasantly surprised.
And then he hesitated, not sure what to say. But she smiled, and nodded. And so he looked back down at the object, gently bringing his hands to touch the surface. Doing so, it glowed brighter, shimmering, like something alive. Marveling, he stared at it few seconds, then tipped his face up to see the woman. But she was gone and he woke up.